There are many hospitals in the city and it is sometimes difficult for patients to choose the right hospital for them. Here we provide the facts about Waghole Ayurved Clinic, Panchakarma & Research Centre which can facilitate patients to choose us.

Waghole Ayurved is an Ayurveda clinic dedicated to Public health based in Phursungi , Pune. The clinic is run by Dr. Rahul Waghole & Dr. Vrushali Waghole. The timings of Waghole Ayurved Clinic , Panchakarma & Research centre are: Mon to Sat: 10:00am-1:00pm & 6:00pm-8:30pm.

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At Waghole Ayurved Clinic, Panchakarma & Research Centre you get to interact with Ayurvedic doctors who have a significant experience of serving patients. We provide Ayurvedic treatments that are thoroughly tested and analysed. The best part is that the therapies are provided by trained and experienced therapists under the supervision of our expert Ayurvedic consultants.

Ayurveda discribes human body as Panch Mahabhoot, Seven Dhatus, Three Doshas. Imbalance in Any of these elements, is Known as "Disease". So the main motive of Ayureda is to Cure this imbalance and help for the long term healtlhy life. According to Ayurveda, absence of disease is not enough to indicate good health. True health refers to wellness of body as well as mind.

The Ayurvedic treatments offered at Waghole Ayurved Clinic, Panchakarma & Research Centre are strictly based on this principle and hence we take into consideration every patient's mental health while treating physical illness. The Ayurvedic treatments are designed in such a way that one feels tremendous mental satisfaction along with relief of physical ailments. The overall experience is very professional and therapeutic, making Waghole Ayurved Clinic, Panchakarma & Research Centre one of the best Ayurvedic clinic.


  • Waghole Ayurved Clinic, Panchakarma & Research Centre, we recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence.
  • We demonstrate this by: Providing exemplary physical, emotional and spiritual care for each of our patients and their families.
  • Demonstrating social responsibility through the just use of our resources.
  • The commitment of our staff, clinicians, community partners and friends to our mission permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring, which are the Waghole Ayurved.


  • Touch the lives of suffering People each year by using quality practices to transfer medical knowledge and support.
  • Provide a platform for "Ayurveda" aimed at enhancing the image of the Nation worldwide.


People : We respect each person as a member of the Ayurveda community. Involvement and teamwork determine our future.

Service Excellence : We are committed to our standards of service excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Responsibility : We accept personal accountability for the work we do.

Quality : We consistently strive to provide the highest quality, safe patient care.

Communication : We promote open communication that fosters partnership and enhances timely, effective and appropriate responses.

Innovation : We are committed to a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.

Safety : We are dedicated to creating the safety for our patient.





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Sr. No. 174, Bhekarai Nagar, Near Bank Of Maharashtra, Phursungi, Pune - Saswad Road, Opposite to City Bus Stop, Trimurti Vihar, Pune, Maharashtra 412308.

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